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The Smurfs

All about smurfs and there origins. Contains a listing of the smurfs and the years they came out in.

The Characters

Meet some of the main characters from the world of Smurfs. Papa Smurf, Brainy, Gargamel, Azreal and the rest of the gang.

Smurfs Quiz

So you think you know something about smurfs? Come and look at our smurfs quiz page and test your skills!

Latest Smurfs

Listings and images of the latest smurfs that have come out in the years 2003 onwards.

Fake Smurfs

Information about about fake smurfs. Don't be fooled when buying a smurf, especially be afraid of buying on Ebay!

Interesting Smurfs

Here a growing amount of information on many of the rarer, more collectable and more interesting Smurf figures.

The Smurf Movie 2011

Information and Images from the The Smurf Movie 2011 in 3-D

Schleich Latest News

Updates on what's happening in the world of Schleich. Information on retired Schleich and new release items.

Schleich Wild Life

All about Schleich Wild Life Figures. The Schleich Wild Life Range consists of animals from Africa, Asia & Australia, Artic & Antartic, Europe, America... in fact everywhere on the planet, even to the depths of the Ocean!

Schleich Farm Life

All about Schleich Farm Life. Information on Schleich Horses, Cows, Chickens, Pis and more

Schleich Bayala

All about Schleich Bayala Figures. Information on Schleich Sun Elves and Schleich Shadow Elves.

Schleich American Frontier

All about Schleich American Frontier Figures. Information on Schleich American Frontier Figures, which are also known as Schleich Indians.

Schleich Knights

All about Schleich Knights. Info on Schleich Crusaders, Fantasy Knights, Royalty, Lion Coat of Arms, the Fleur-de-lis Coat of Arms, etc.

Schleich Heroes

The new Schleich Heroes are ready. They’re strong, they’re brave and remarkable.

Schleich Dinosaurs

All about Schleich Dinosaurs. From the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the gentle giant Apatosaurus, to the cunning Velociraptor.

Schleich Horse Collecting

All About Collecting Schleich Horses - by Linda Marikar


Some information about Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Cacofonix and co.


Everything you wanted to know about Snorks, but were too afraid to ask.
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