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The Snorks first came into existence as a comic book series, released in 1982. The comic was created by Nic Broca in Belgium. After a few years, Hanna-Barbera, produced a cartoon series for television which ran for 4 years and 65 episodes.

About Snorks
The Snorks live underwater and have snorkels on their heads which can aim backwards and propel them through the water. The Snorks live in the world of Snorkland and use clams for currency. The hero of the television series is All-Star and his girlfriend is Casey.

The Snork Figures
The Snork figures are very collectable. There are just over 30 different Snork figures to collect. These include the characters: All Star, Baby Billy, Casey, Dafney, Dimmy, Dr Galeo, Governer Wetworth, Jo jo, Junior, Lava Monster and Tooter Snork. All the Snorks are about 8cm tall. Approximately the same size as smurfs, accept that they have the snorkel on the top of their head to make them taller.
AllStar Seaworthy Snork
AllStar Snork is the hero of the Snork series. He is yellow and wears a blue and white outfit. AllStar Snork is into science and helps out his uncle, Dr Galeo, with new science projects. There are seven different AllStar figures to collect: AllStar Snork, AllStar American Football Snork, AllStar Snork at Beach, AllStar Baseball Snork, AllStar Footballer Snork, AllStar Head Set Snork and AllStar Snork with Kite.
Dr Galeo
Dr Galeo has purple skin, white hair and moustache and wears glasses. Dr Galeo is the Snork that is often called upon to save the Snorks of Snorkland. Dr Galeo is a scientist and often uses AllStar Snork as an assistant. There is one Dr Galeo Snork figure to collect.
Casey Kelp
Casey Kelp Snork has pink skin, dark pink hair and usually wears a white top with green leggings. She is often linked romantically to AllStar Snork. Casey Snork is a very independent female Snork. She has strong opinions and is very brave. There are four different Casey Snork figures to collect: Casey Nurse Snork, Casey with Flowers Snork, Casey with Pizza Snork and Casey with Teddy Snork.
Dafney Gillfin
Dafney Gillfin Snork has light purple skin, dark purple hair and usually wears red. She is best friends with Casey Snork. Dafney's goal in life is to become an actress and she's always concerned with her looks. Always checking herself in her little clam mirror. There are five different Dafney Snork figures to collect: Dafney with Mirror Snork, Dafney Snork with Watering Can, Dafney Jogging Snork, Dafney Tennis Snork and Dafney with Frisbee Snork.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Snork is easily recognized by his twin snorkels. He is brown skinned and wears a loin cloth. Jo Jo can talk to all sea creatures as he was brought up in the wild. Jo Jo doesn't live in Snorkland, but rather in the wilds of the sea. There is one Jo Jo Snork figure to collect.
Governor Wellington Wetworth
Governor Wetworth Snork is an orange coloured with light purple hair, a hat and a walking stick. He is a politician and not loved by the Snorks. He is crooked, deceitful and will stoop to any lows to get the things he wants. There is one Governor Wetworth Snork figure to collect.
Dimmy Finster
Dimmy Snork is recognized by his orange skin and yellow outfits. Dimmy Snork is a bit of a comedian and is romantically linked to Dafney Snork. There are four Dimmy Snork figures to collect: Dimmy Doctor Snork, Dimmy Snork Roller-skating, Dimmy Snork in Shower and Dimmy Snork with Ice-cream.
Tooter Shellby
Tooter Shellby Snork has green skin and gets about in dark green clothes. Tooter Snork can only communicate by making tooting sounds. There are four Tooter Snork figures to collect: Tooter Diving Snork, Tooter Hiker Snork, Tooter Poet Snork and Tooter Snork with Horn.
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