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Sioux Chief on Horse

Sioux Archer on Knees

Totem Pole
Schleich American Frontier Figures

The Schleich American Frontier items have only been in production a handful of years, but already they are hugely collectable and the range is being continually extended. The Schleich American Frontier items is all about the American Wild West and the colonization of the land of the Indians as the cowboys, prospectors and settlers moved in. The Schleich Indians are all incredibly detailed, hand painted and made in compliance with all safety standards.

Schleich Cowboy with Lasso on Horse
The Cowboy used the lasso to catch calves. It was fixed to the saddle knob to prevent the cowboy being pulled off his horse. The chaps, the leather leg protection, protected him from thorns and the horns of cattle.

Schleich Trapper on Horse
Traps were the most important tool for the trapper hunting beavers and other furry animals. He always travelled carrying his few belongings with him.

Schleich Gold Prospector with Donkey
The Gold Prospectors' most important tool was his gold pan, with which he washed the fine gold out of the water.

Schleich Sioux Indian Archer on his Knees:
The bows were simple and made of wood in accordance with their purpose. For protection and also decoration, they were often wrapped in hide and brightly painted.

Schleich Sioux Chief on Horse:
The Chief's long headdress consisted mainly of eagles' tail feathers in a pearl-studded headband, and told the tale of his heroic deeds.

Schleich Sioux Acher on Horse:
The small, flexible bows and arrows, mostly made of animal or fish bone, were used for buffalo hunting. The Indians came dangerousley close up to the Buffalo.

Schleich Sioux Boy on Pony
The games of Indian boys were intended to prepare him for later life. Riding skills and the use of bow and arrows were important preconditions.

Schleich Sioux Girl
The girls games often involved role play. with miniature models of household objects and dolls, they were prepared at a very young age for their later tasks.

Schleich Sioux Mother
The Indian squaw was a loving mother who in the first few months carried her baby in a papoose. The Papoose was made of a board, a leather mattress ans a bar to protect the head.

Schleich Sioux Scout
It was the task of the scout to track herds of buffalo, find new camping grounds or to track down enemies. He was able to creep up without a sound and to survey the surrounding land.

Schleich Sioux Medicine Man
Sioux Medicine man made healing potions out of plantsand herbs, or predicted the future using left-over bones, special stones and pieces of wood.

Schleich Indian Teepee
The entrance to the Tipi always pointed east in the direction of the rising sun. The morning sun shone into the interior of the tipi, but there was also shelter from the west wind.

Schleich Totem Pole
The Totem Pole is a larged carved column covered with painted figure. It was important to display the heraldic animals wich every family had. Totem poles were carved from the wood of the cedar tree (tree of life).

Schleich Canoe with Indian
The canoe was very important to the indians they used it to go hunting and could cover very long distances over water.

Schleich Indian Campfire
The campfire was not only used to cook food it acted as the social meeting point for the family and as a centre for indian ceremonies and sacred dances.

Sioux Mother

Sioux Canoe with Sioux

Gold Prospector with Donkey
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