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The collecting of Smurfs seems to be an infinite pursuit. There are thousands of different figures, variations, promotional figures, etc. In this section we'll try and provide you with some interesting information regarding the more interesting figures. This will include such items as promotional smurfs, rare smurfs, rare variations, unusual smurfs and even items that aren't even smurfs, but are collectors items, regardless. Keep checking back as we expand our information base.

History Smurfs
History Smurfs are a set of six smurfs representing famous characters from American history. The figures are Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. History smurfs were first produced in 1986 and continued in production till 1989. They were made in limited quantities in two locations: Macau and Hong Kong. History Smurfs are extremely rare and very collectable. Other items connected with history smurfs are a history smurf postcard and the booklet: The Untold Story of HISTORY according to the Smurfs - Volume 1. Some information about the historical figures:

Paul Revere (1734 -1818) - was a Patriot in the American Revolution. He was a messenger during the battles of Lexington and Conchord and was made the famous for his "Midnight Ride" prior to the battle of Lexington.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) - was one of the Founding Father's of the United States of America. Franklin was a leading author, politician, scientist and inventor. Amongst his inventions were bifocals and the lightning rod.

Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506) - was an Italian explorer and one of the first Europeans to explore the Americas after the Vikings. With his three ships - Santa Maria, Niņa and Pinta - Columbus discovered the America's in 1492.

Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931) - was an American inventor responsible for some of the most influential inventions in history. Amongst his inventions were the phonograph, the motion picture camera and the incandescent light bulb.

George Washington (1732 - 1799) - was the first President of the United States of America. During the American Revolution (1775 - 1783) he led the Continental Army to victory over Great Britain.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865) - was President of the United States of America from 1861 - 1865. He was an outspoken opponent of slavery and led the North to victory over the South in the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was assasinated in 1865.
Fafnir is the name given to the dragon that is depicted in the Johan and Pewit comics, specifically "Johan and Pfiffikus - Im verwuenschten land". These comics also feature the smurfs. Schleich produced a fafnir in 1991 as part of it's "Crazy Friends" series. This series consists of 4 PVC characters with wire inserts to make them bendable. A monkey, bird and cow complete the set. This fafnir, though not part of the smurf PVC series made by Schleich, is a favourite amongst smurf collectors.

Red Variation The original fafnir made by Schleich is the red variation. This dragon is a dark green colour with a red nose, antennae and spikes. This variation appears less frequently than the green versions.

Green variations The green variation of this dragon (pictured left) was produced in the 80s as a promotional item for Hoechst AG - a German life-sciences company. This dragon is a dark green colour with a light green antennae and spikes. The versions include Hoechst stamped on the side, no Hoechst and detachable legs.

Fafnir info was used with permission from SmurfWiki
Angry Smurfs
Angry Smurfs come from the smurf adventure "The Purple Smurf". In the episode a fly bites ones of the smurfs on the tail, turning him purple and also making him jump about yelling, "Gnap! Gnap!" The angry purple smurf in turn jumps about the village biting other smurfs and soon most of the village is full of angry purple smurfs all yelling "Gnap, gnap". Although purple in the episode, the smurfs are black as figures.

There are three angry smurfs to collect: 20007 Angry with Red Eyes & Red Teeth, 20007 Angry Straight Arms & Black Teeth and 20007 Angry with Red Eyes & Black Teeth. The figures are extremely rare and collectible and made from 1966 over various years through to 1987.
Easter Smurfs
Easter Smurfs were first released in 1983 with 20496 Smurf in White Easter Bunnysuit and 20497 Smurfette in Pink Easter Bunnysuit, hitting the shelves. The following year 20489 Smurfette with Chick and 20490 Smurf with Easter Egg - Yellow Bow were added the collection. The Easter smurfs were further extended in 1993 when 20491 Smurf Painting Easter Egg and 20492 Smurf Baby in Easter Egg brought the total to Easter Smurfs to six.

There was a quite a delay before the next Easter figures, but in 1997 Six more figures were released for sale: 20511 Baby Smurf in Easter Egg 20513 (official numbering 5.20511), Smurf Painting Easter Egg with Yellow Brush (official numbering 5.20512), Smurfette with Chick - Dark Egg (official numbering 5.20513), 20514 Smurf with Easter Egg - Red Bow (official numbering 5.20514), 20515 Smurf Carrying Easter Egg (official numbering 5.20515) and 20516 Smurf Eating Easter Egg (official numbering 5.20516). This brought the total of Easter Smurfs to collect to twelve.

In 2004, fake Easter Smurfs started appearing out of Hong Kong. These fakes were a little smaller and most made from two seperate parts glued together. The fakes could easily be told apart from the real smurfs if you had both of them side by side, but unfortunately many were sold on ebay to unwitting buyers. The fakes are of a much lower quality and not worth a great deal. Only six of the Easter Smurfs were copied as fakes: 20511, 20512, 20513, 20514, 20515 and 20516. As a general rule of thumb: if a Smurf comes from Hong Kong, it's more than likely a fake.
Anniversary Smurfs
Over the years the smurfs have celebrated many different anniversaries. In 1996 a 25th Anniversary Smurf came out at McDonalds to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of McDonalds Restaurant. This was one from a set of 10 McDonalds Smurfs that were released that year.

The Smurfs celebrated their own 30th Anniversary with the release of the a Smurf on a Gold Stand. The 30th Anniversary Golden Base Smurf has a smurf on a stand, and although the whole thing is taller than a regular smurf, the Smurf on the stand is slightly smaller than a regular smurf.

The 40th Anniversary on the Smurfs was celebrated in style with a big 40th Anniversary band set. This deluxe set included a singer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, speaker stands and a band stand. The entire thing was packaged beautifully in a box. A great way to celebrate an anniversary.

The 50th Anniversary of the Smurfs, in 2008, was celebrated with the release of 8 different Smurfs called the Party Smurfs or Anniversay Smurfs. The set includes 20701 Anniversary Smurf, 20702 Party Gargamel, 20703 Party Azrael, 20704 Surprise Smurfette, 20705 Party Smurf, 20706 Papa Smurf in tails, 20707 Drummer Smurf and 20708 Bottle Smurf. The Smurfette is jumping out of cake with "50" written on the side.

Another big celebration the Smurfs participated in was the Millennium. In the year 2000 a Smurf was released to celebrate the date. The Smurf is riding a large "2000" with a big smile on his face. This item came as a regularly sized smurf and also as a smaller sized item with a keychain attached.
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