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Schleich Bayala

The Schleich Bayala Series have only been in production a handful of years, but already they are hugely collectable and the range is being continually extended. The Schleich Bayala figures represent the two Elf factions - the Sun Elves and the Shadow Elves - and their ongoing adventures and battles with each other. The Schleich Sun Elves live in the enchanted forest and are the Elvish forces of light. The Schleich Shadow Elves live in darker woods and are more sinister and the forces of darkness. Some of the Bayala figures are...

Schleich Sun Elf Falaroy
Falaroy captures the hearts of the elf girls by storm yet he is devoted to a single one, the chosen one. A long time ago, he lived in the South of Bayala, in the place where the two rivers meet. He came to the house of the summer elves to act as a brave companion to his princess in all her adventures. Soon, however, Falaroy must embark on a long journey by himself and survive many perils.

Schleich Sun Elf Feya
When she laughs, the whole world beams around her. The flowers bend their blossoms towards her and the birds excitedly sing their most beautiful songs. Just look how she dashes across the meadows on her favourite horse decorated with flowers. The hooves of her white horse hardly touch the ground as she rides. When, with her best friend, the proud princess Eyela, she flies across the sun-drenched expanses of their realm, the two appear more graceful than the loveliest butterflies. Feya's golden hair and pink dress merge in flight with her wonderful laughter. Sometimes she seems a bit fearful, yet in reality she is much braver than people think.

Schleich Sun Elf Sera
In the morning, as soon as the first rays of sun make the dew on the meadows of Bayala glisten, you can see Sera, lost in thoughts, roaming through nature. When she bends down for a rare flower or plucks some of the precious leaves off a medicinal plant, a smile caresses her countenance, brightening it as only sees in a princess. With her knowledge about the healing power of plants, she has already been able to magically help many an elf. All her love belongs to nature, animals and plants. Yet soon, Sera's sheltered life is about to change and this delicate princess will become a great adventures.

Schleich Sun Elf Eyela
Eyela, Princess of Bayala. Her destiny is to be queen of the kingdom of the summer elves. Her beauty and dignity outdazzles everything and so she is loved and adored by all the summer elves. Most of all, she loves riding with her best friend Feya and her two sisters Sera and Surah across the gentle green hills of the land of the elves. The soft blue of her wings is reflected in her dress. During the many adventures of the elves, she always demonstrates the true bearing of a princess: generosity and love toward all elves and animals.

Schleich Shadow Elf Nuray
High up in the mountains lives the terribly beautiful princess of the shadow elves. There where the sun canít reach lies her home, Shadow Rock Castle. Nuray was once as cold-hearted as her mother. Yet she soon noticed that she was different/ Like the queens of the shadow elves used to be: dark, mysterious and high-minded. The price she pays for her lineage is that from time to time magic signs painfully burn through her chalk-white skin, thus announcing fateful changes. She is the only one who can reunite the kingdom of the shadow elves with the that of the summer elves and eventually usher in peace.

Schleich Shadow Elf Bilara
Bilara is a powerful sorceress. So powerful, that she can even subjugate a unicorn. Normally, unicorns are creatures so free and noble that they only make friends with elves. Yet Bilara's magic is stronger: Using her crystal ball, she is able to bewitch elves and animals, conjure up images from the past and future and cast many evil spells. She is also profoundly beautiful, mysterious and very dangerous.

Schleich Shadow Elf Surah
Happiness has made its way back to Surah. She has returned home after being held prisoner for a long time in the kingdom of the shadow elves. Back to her twin sister Sera and Princess Eleya. And look how she has already changed! The incredible pallor of her skin has given way to soft pink, her wings shine resplendent in gleaming blue, interwoven with white, green and golden shimmering tips. When she flies over the sun-drenched meadows and forests of Summergreen, the elf headquarters, she is lovelier than the loveliest birds in the land. Wherever she is, her friends chirp and flutter around her and the entire world beams with joy. And when, one day, her little green bird returns to her, her happiness is complete. Just like Sera, Surah is also sent on a long journey where she encounters new perils, great adventures and also a new friend.

Schleich Shadow Elf Ophira
The arm-length hair of the ice-cold beauty Ophira is just as pitch-black as her unsearchable soul. For Nuray, the princess of the shadow kingdom, her aunt Ophira is the most loyal of her servants. For this reason, she never leaves her side. Together they hatch their dark plans. Ophira's black wings are trimmed with bronze just like her long deep green gown. A precious stone, black as night, adorns her white skin. She is also the most mysterious and enigmatic of all the shadow elves.

Sireel & Solfur
Central to the wedding, the beautiful bride and groom look stunning in white and gold standing side by side. They exchange vows promising to love each other forever. Soon the bride will have to throw her bouquet of pink flowers to see which lucky elf will get married next.

Most elves are very even-tempered, friendly and high-minded creatures. Marween is a little different and all the elves love her for that. Marween has red hair, red striped socks and an a cheerfully decorated horse. Together with her racoon Piuh she's constantly coming up with new pranks, inventing funny magic tricks and most enjoys eating blueberry pie. The best thing about Marween is her funny stories that she loves telling in the evening in a circle with the other elves. Even Princess Eleya herself often rolls about with laughter upon hearing Marween's tales.

Liassa is a powerful heroine poised ready to pounce with a dagger in her left hand, paired with a cheetah companion that can run up to seventy five mph so no enemies can escape and equally no-one will be able to catch them. She is a friend of Umitok and acts as a messenger in Bayala.

Arelan are made up of two beings, a humanlike figure and an animal companion. Together they form one creature, combining the strengths and character of animal and human in one. Noctis, the panther man is mysterious, fast and powerful, just like a predatory cat. He is the King of the Jungle and soon already a loyal friend of the elves. With his magic torch, he illuminates the night in a flash, then, in the next moment, vanishes again into the darkness.

Fizzio is a striking figure with quills protruding from his back just like his porcupine companion. He is holding an impressive shield with a porcupine pattern that matches his clothing. His arm is raised above his head ready to pull one of the quills and use it as a sword to defend himself.


Sireel & Solfur

Shadow Elf Bilara
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