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Recommended Smurf Sites

Smurf's Site done by us.

Smurf's Official Site

Rae's Little Blue Guys

Brad's Smurf Collection

Sgt Papa's Smurfs Club

Blue Imps

Blue Buddies

Smurf Collectors Unite

Finn-Linus' Smurfs

Collector Mart

Computer Gert's Snorks

Ron's Blue Collection

Les Schtroumpfs

Other Sites of Interest

Web Dreamer - Internet Designs

Unearth Health - Remedial Massage

Evolve Myotherapy - Remedial Massage

Tintin Fan's Resource

Laughing Giraffe - Schleich Forum

History According to Bob - History Podcasts

Oxfam Australia - Fighting World Poverty

Sea Shepherd - Protecting Whales

Halloween Costumes

Smurf the Web A fun site which translates any web page into smurfy language.
Yonna's Smurfs Cute little smurf site, about Yonna's collection of smurfs
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